Lead Process Engineer


Area of Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Ship Ship

We are looking for a Lead Process Engineer that is a collaborator and problem-solver.

As a key team player, you are excellent in communication, ensuring seamless interaction between disciplines and departments. Your proactive approach means you don’t just identify problems, you bring forth innovative solutions that cross over boundaries.

With a background in Process Technology or Sustainable Energy (chemist expertise not required), you’ll demonstrate a ‘gets the work done’ attitude, taking ownership of entire systems or sub-systems. With your project engineering experience, you bridge gaps between various disciplines, serving as a system integrator.

As a conceptual thinker with a practical mindset, you’ll bring diverse perspectives togheter to drive efficiency and innovation.


  • Affinity with renewables, in particular Offshore Wind (HVAC and HVDC)
  • Energy storage (Gas, Air) using renewable energy sources
  • Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage
  • Hydrogen production and storage


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