ICET Instrumentation Engineer

Offshore, Oil, Gas & Energy

Area of Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands


Ship Ship


  • Understands the requirements for Instrumentation performance, owns KPIs and surveillance requirements.
  • Focal point for external stakeholders including technology, supply chain, maintenance, group, LL, OIPOC, all AI pillars, fleet.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of their scope for the existing fleet and new builds to increase safety, sustainability, and efficiency.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of their scope for the existing fleet and new builds to enhance Digitilisation.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of the Smart Operation Production and Maintenance & Reliability Hubs Roadmaps boosting efficiency and uptime of the system/systems they are responsible for, through monitoring, surveillance, and predictive technologies.
  • Implement existing Instrumentation Strategies, Processes and Governance provided to shore bases whilst utilising best practices on regulatory requirements and engineering design.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of processes, governance, and operation strategies.
  • Ensure technical support is provided during WIN, EXECUTE, START-UP and OPERATE phase
  • Ensure adherence through regular audits and contribute to Continuous Improvement of processes and systems.
  • Drive compliance to IEC 61511 Functional Safety fleetwide.
  • Drive completion of GTS Alerts and Safety Alerts fleet within his scope of expertise.
  • Monitor industry developments and alerts in terms of Instrumentation technologies.
  • Own and be main end user of company OT Instrumentation monitoring tools.
  • Ensure equipment obsolescence is managed across the fleet to prevent any operational or maintenance impact.

Main tasks

  • Develop and maintain operation strategies for Instrumentation.
  • Develop and sustain an Instrumentation community with the regions and coordinate with regional discipline.
  • Establish performance baselines and map performance improvements vs initiatives deployed on each unit.
  • Built up comprehensive and exhaustive Instrumentation dashboard and KPIs to monitor performance, assess weakness & strengths, track key initiatives or OQs to improve performance.
  • Define and drive initiatives to improve Instrumentation performance
  • Contribute to the development of new governances and update existing ones to improve performance.
  • Guide the OIPOC Production / Maintenance & Reliability Hub Coordinators with priorities and support the DIGITAL TEAM in the deployment of new apps and new ways of working.
  • Participate to RAVA audits for Instrumentation and mobilize offshore as necessary. Participate to RAVA audits action management.
  • Generate Safety Alerts and Safety Flash as required.
  • Track and report progress for GTS Alerts and Safety Alerts actions. Drive regions toward actions close out.
  • Generate and implement lessons learned initiatives across the fleet as required.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with strategic suppliers within his scope of competence.
  • Define scope of OEMs support and healthcare contracts within his scope of competence.
  • Liaise with Ops readiness, Supply chain, Discipline leads and OEMs to ensure key OEMs Support & Health care contracts within his scope of competence are defined and in place prior to start-up.
  • OIPOC/DIGITAL Product Owner as required for relevant existing applications and new developments
  • Ensure fleet compliance to IEC 61511 Functional Safety:
  • Implementing compliance check procedures in CMMS.
  • Carrying out offshore audits as required.
  • Reviewing new project and operating unit assessment reports
  • Awareness campaigns and further training
  • Contribute to develop and update 3Y plans and budgets for the department.
  • Implement and nourish a learning culture within the department and the community
  • Monitor and identify equipment obsolescence across the fleet, develop equipment replacement initiatives and report findings as lessons learned for new projects.

Job requirements


  • Degree qualified in Instrumentation, Computer Science, Control Systems, and/or Electronic/Electrical Engineering.
  • Native English speaker or Level C2 Proficient English
  • IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competency or equivalent
  • IEC61511 Functional Safety Expert Certificate or equivalent


  • Minimum 12 years in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Minimum 6 years of experience in Operations with Instrumentation
  • Field Experience Offshore is required
  • FPSO experience is required

Behaviours & inter-personal skills – Key points

  • Open minded with capability to approach problems from a multidiscipline angle.
  • Good sense of ownership in the decision-making process.
  • High Level of Safety Awareness, proactive, good interpersonal communication, and supervisory/leadership skills with strong commitment to a team culture.
  • Excellent soft skills and team spirit.

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