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The main duty of a document controller of an organization is to keep all the documents of the company under his or her control. The person who serves in this job position should maintain the official documents properly and safely. He or she should communicate with other members of the organizational team or other sections of the organization to collect and safely compile documents, reports and any other paperwork. It is the duty of the document controller to submit the documents within the deadline. If he or she crosses the deadline or fails to submit the documents then it would automatically affect the other or successive sections of the organization. So the document controller should always be focused on his or her duty and should submit the documents in the right time without any fail to avoid jeopardizing projects because of a late submission.

Main functions

It is the responsibility of the document controller to take charge of various documents of the company including technical, administrative, commercial and financial. In addition to this, he or she should oversee the regular activities of the organization such as proper running of the machineries, processes, procedures and plans, evaluation, focus on enhancement of electronic information systems, maintenance of distributed documents and overlooking the precision of the documents.

Extra information

  • This is an English spoken position (Dutch isn’t required).
  • A Document Control training course is provided.


The duties and responsibilities for this role are as follows:

  • Work with other Document Controllers across the Projects to ensure consistency of the document management process and use of data and document control procedures.
  • Assess effectiveness of best practices and tools, with a view to continuously improving tools, projects and team performance.
  • Implement document control processes and tools.
  • Provide system reports as requested.
  • Control documentation produced internally and externally.
  • Maintain and accurately update information in the paper and electronic document management system.
  • Maintain and distribute documents and comments according to the Project distribution matrix.
  • Assist and guide project team in the utilization of the electronic data management system and document management process.
  • Ensure that all documentation, drawings and specifications are up to date, correctly revised, and kept in a safe place and retrievable manner.
  • Ensure that the document management process is applied throughout project teams and/or between transition to operations.
  • Deliver key performance indicators (KPIs) for the project and department.
  • Assist in project transition to operations, handing over and archiving activities.
  • A document controller is responsible for coordinating with all organization members in order to assure that all documents are kept in the right place and in the right department file archive.
  • To ensure that all corporate documents are well checked and submitted on time prior to the documents submission due date.
  • Effectively follow the company’s standard operating procedures in submissions of documents.

Skills required

The person who desires to serve in this job position should acquire good knowledge in management, technical, administrative and financial sides. Apart from these the candidates should possess the capacity to create procedures, workflow and should support other member of the organization team in bringing good results in their businesses. They should have good communication skills and advanced computer skills.

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